Monday, May 16, 2011

Quadrophenia (1979)

A guy who in my head is a cross between Bud Cort in Harold and Maude and what's-his-name in A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm Gladwell?—no) sings maybe "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks in a bathtub while some other guy in another, adjacent bathtub(?) sings Elvis or something, and they get mad at each other. And this defines a divide between the rockers, who wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles, and the Mods, who look more like modern-day post-punk types and ride...I want to say razor scooters, but that's clearly wrong. Vespas? Anyway, the Mods sing, "We are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are the we are the we are the Mods," and there's a big riot or brawl between the Mods and the rockers, and I feel like our anti-hero maybe has sex with some cute girl in an alley. Whatever. As far as I can recall, the Who don't enter into it.

Yes, alley sex! Once again, what I feared was incriminating
invention is nothing but innocent, blameless memory.

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