Monday, September 19, 2011

Lawnmower Man (1992)

I'm thinking a convicted murderer is executed in the electric chair—something like that—and winds up getting his evil soul uploaded into one of those early-'90s sci-fi misconceptions of what the Internet might be like? I think telephones and weird 3D Tron-like visualizations are involved. This is yet another movie based on something Stephen King wrote, and I think I remember that it sort of couldn't decide whether it was a Nightmare on Elm Streetish horror story or a Johnny Mnemonicky thriller. (Yes, Johnny Mnemonic postdates Lawnmower Man; I'm using "Johnny Mnemonicky" as an adjective with its own independent existence, like "Kafkaesque" or "Yahoo Serious."*)

What the Jesus? I think I sort of vaguely remember this. Does
Lawnmower Man† say he is God, or is it like Mola Ram (whom
he kind of looks like!) saying he was going to conquer God?

* E.g., "Shit's about to get Yahoo Serious up in here."
† If I'm not mistaken, "Lawnmower Man"—like "Jaws," "Die Hard," and "Wall Street"—is not in fact the name of the character.

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