Friday, January 21, 2011

The Gods Must Be Crazy! (1980*)

Somebody drops a Coke bottle out of the window of a plane, and a man from the middle of the desert who is unaware of modern civilization thinks it's a holy relic and tries to take it to the end of the earth. There's a conceited jerk and a guy who says, "Ai yai yai," which I don't know how to spell, and maybe a scene with bumbling bazooka-shooting guerillas. Is this whole movie sort of an ad for Coke the way Cast Away is sort of an ad for Fed Ex?

There was a time in my life—very early on—when I had The Gods Must Be Crazy! filed away in the general category of "funniest movies ever," but I think I was wrong.

"There, there." –Spies Like Us (which I remember pretty well)

* U.S. release: 1984.

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