Monday, February 21, 2011

Die Harder (1990)*

Die Hard in an airport. Bad guys hack into an airplane's navigation system to make the pilot think it's farther above the ground than it is, and the plane crashes even though John McCain McClane tries to stop it by waving lights in the air; then he finds a teddy bear or a doll in the wreckage (that scene is rough). Later, someone gets sucked into a jet engine (surely, right?), and someone else gets stabbed in the eye with an icicle.

Oh, and apparently this happens.

* I was sure this movie was called Die Harder, but the IMDb says Die Hard 2 and Wikipedia says, "often subtitled Die Harder"—and includes a picture of a poster in which "DIE HARDER" is pretty clearly a tagline but is much bigger than the title, so...

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