Monday, February 14, 2011

Movies I've Seen Only Parts Of: Titanic (1997)

The boat sinks, the bad guy handcuffs Leo to a pipe, and there's a lot of swimming through hallways (maybe one with a closed gate, in a very tense scene?). I gather there's a class issue, here, with Leo being the wonderful poor kid and Kate Winslet being engaged to a rich monster. I know Leo draws Kate naked on a couch, I know he freezes in the water trying to save her, and I know the old lady drives a submarine down to the sunken ship looking for her jewels. That's all I remember (and I am acutely aware that the movie is like four hours long).

NOTE: Every time I turn on the TV and this movie is on, either the boat's about to sink or Kate Winslet is about to get naked. And for that I am grateful.

Like one of Leo's French girls.

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