Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Stranger Among Us (1992)

Melanie Griffith goes undercover with a bunch of Hasidic Jews to crack some kind of case and falls in love with one of them, who explains that killing someone is ending an entire universe and then later kills somebody to save her. I might have this movie confused with the one where Melanie Griffith goes undercover with a bunch of Nazis and Michael Douglas has to come save her.*

Did not remember that Sloane is in this!

* Shining Through, turns out. Also 1992! Are these two movies available on two sides of the same special DVD on a rack at Rite Aid?


  1. I would buy the Shining Through/A Stranger Among Us DVD. Get on it.

  2. Trying to think of other possible DVD twofers. Maybe Earth Girls Are Easy and Thelma & Louise? (I recently saw UHF and Dodgeball on a single disc. FOR WHAT REASON?)