Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TV I Don't Remember: The Maxx (1995)

One late night when I was in high school, MTV was showing a marathon of this, and either I missed part of it or the marathon was incomplete, and I was left with narrative blue balls. As far as I could tell—or rather as far as I can remember having been able to tell—there were at least two different realities, or levels of reality, both involving this spandexed alien or something, with like long pointy hands or elbows, who was sometimes a drunk in an alley or dumpster and sometimes was basically a superhero, and he helped some little girl or teenaged girl or some kind of girl, but basically everything was cosmically screwed up and nothing was certain. Essentially it feels like a crazy awesome dream I had and then couldn't get out of my head. This is something I actually think I have to watch and find out whether it's any good.

Illuminates nothing.


  1. Hay there. been reading this blog for a while. like your incites. about this one - THE MAXX is a very good and weird comics by SAM KEITH, MTV took his, I think, 13 first issues and made it into a "motion comics", i remember that show also.
    any how, I recommend the comics itself, it's crazy good.

  2. I remember this! It wasn't on Liquid Television, but some other animation show?

  3. oh, it's good. i have the comic books somewhere in my basement. last i checked, the mtv episodes weren't available on netflix. (bullshit.) but i'm sure as shit gonna be buying it from amazon soon.