Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby (1938)*

Not to be confused with Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (I actually did confuse the two when I was a kid and was painfully disappointed: no dinosaurs at all?!), this movie does still involve a wild animal, albeit not extinct. Cary Grant and, I don't know, probably Katherine Hepburn have a tiger they have to drive around for some reason, and they wind up in a jail cell at one point with a bunch of other people—and possibly also the tiger. I feel like I have this movie filed, for some reason, in the same folder of my brain that has Mighty Joe Young (1949) in it. In other news, my brain is organized into file folders, and this is entirely neurologically sound [see Muppet Babies: "Scooter's Uncommon Cold"].

Adorable photograph (taken moments before Hepburn's tragic death).

* Important note: this movie is actually called Bringing Up Baby, and the tiger is a leopard.

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