Monday, June 27, 2011

Movies I've Seen Only Parts Of: Fantastic Voyage (1966)

A politician gets shot in the head through the rear windshield of a town car—and I watched this as a pretty little kid* and for years afterwards was always just ever so slightly worried about getting shot in the head through the rear windshields of cars. (Great, now I'm scared of it again.) Anyway, these doctors need to get shrunk down and drive a submarine through this guy's veins, where they're nearly crushed by the heart—I may be remembering Innerspace here—and up to the brain, at which point it turns out that someone on the sub is a saboteur, and then my parents were like, "OK, time to go," and they turned off the TV, and I never found out what happened. I assume the submarine got big again and the politician's head blew up.

I think this is the brain...but where are the file cabinets?

* By which I mean that I was pretty little, not that I was pretty and little—although I was pretty gorgeous.

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