Sunday, December 26, 2010

21 Grams (2003)

Oh, man, I think Naomi Watts's husband got run over by Benicio Del Toro in a car, or Benicio Del Toro's friend got run over by Sean Penn in a car, or somebody ran somebody over and then starts sleeping with that person's widow or sister or friend, and somebody else is out for revenge, and in the end nobody's happy. I seem to recall somebody getting shot in a motel room and Naomi Watts screaming. I also remember somebody trying to clean blood off the bumper of a big car. Two-word summary: "Oh, no." (21 grams of what, though, do you think? Somebody's probably a drug addict. Oh, no.)

Everything sucks.


  1. All I remember from this movie is Naomi Watts's tootsie roll nipples.

  2. All *I* remember about this movie is that 21 grams is supposed to be the weight of the human soul.