Thursday, December 16, 2010

Batman & Robin (1997)

[I don't know the difference between this movie and Batman Forever, although I know one had Clooney and one had Kilmer. I'm talking about the one with Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, and Uma Thurman. Or am I still combining them?]

Mr. Freeze teams up with Poison Ivy to kill Batman. Meanwhile, Batman's niece, Batgirl, comes to stay at Wayne Manor. Robin gets mad and leaves, but later he comes back, and then Batgirl gets mad and leaves, and later she comes back. Both of them come back, presumably to save the day, and (one can only guess) in the nick of time. I seem to remember Mr. Freeze having a thermostat and Poison Ivy having a lot of tiny little Audrey IIs like in "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space." I assume the plants eat Ivy. The main thing I remember about watching this movie is being truly, deeply, genuinely stunned by how bad it was (or by how bad Batman Forever was*)—like, floored.

What killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!

* To be honest, I'm not convinced they were two different movies. [Cf.] I'm picturing Clooney and Kilmer both playing Batman, both on screen, simultaneously, speaking and acting in unison, like some weird improv game. That's a movie I'd watch.

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  1. I knitted my way through this entire movie. I think I made two sweaters and a trenchcoat. I still thought I might die of boredom. It was so, so bad.