Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Lex Luthor goes to the Superman museum and steals one of Superman's hairs, which is being used to hold up a boulder. Luthor's plan is to launch a nuclear missile into the sun with Superman's hair in it, and this will result (Lex knows, being a genius) in the spontaneous generation of a new supervillain with all of Superman's DNA but a new costume. For some reason, the new bad guy loses his power immediately if he's in shadow, so Superman puts him in an elevator on the moon. I think some blind girl falls out a window (but I might be remembering some comic book where a weird Superman clone is blown to tiny bits, to white ash, and this rain of super-dandruff gives the blind girl back her sight). There's some kind of "ban the nukes" message to this, and it's very possible that the Superman clone is somehow supposed to be a metaphor for the arms race. Best part of the movie is Superman's hair holding up a boulder. In the end, Luthor is torn apart by boars. I'm just messing with you.

Hold on a second, this looks awesome!

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  1. Falling out a window: wasn't it Lois who jumped to her suicide because some evil capitalist guy was taking over the Daily Planet and making it a tabloid, and Clark jumped after her thus revealing himself as Superman to her again?

    Also: Superman was on a mission to rid the world of nuclear weapons, and at the end he throws a bag/net of collected missiles into the sun.

    I think I read the comic you mentioned, which would be an amazing coincidence because the comics I read were generally pretty random unless Superman was gonna die or Batman was going to get his back broken.

    It's Lois's sister Lucy, I think, whose blindness was cured. Luthor took another shot at making a Superman clone and it became Bizarro* and lasted one issue before getting exploded into white dust.

    * How's this for far-fetched: the original Bizarro was from a cube-shaped world where everyone was either Superman or Lois Lane, except everyone had white, squared faces, and wore bling with numbers on them to designate which Superman or Lois Lane they were.