Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Girl (1991)

A girl lives alone in a house with Dan Aykroyd after her mother dies, or skips town. She is friends with Macauley Culkin and kisses him and then he gets stung by bees and dies. Probably this teaches her something important about life because otherwise, what the fuck?*

"I will teach you something important about mortality."

* The Internet reminds me that Dan Aykroyd's character is an undertaker. Ohhhhh.


  1. And at one point the girl asks her dad's girlfriend who may or may not be Jamie Lee Curtis if she likes seafood and when she answers, "Yes," the girl says "See food!" and opens her mouth which is filled with partially chewed food.

  2. In my memory Mac Caulkin's character does that to Jamie Lee Curtis when he's over for dinner, before he dies.
    Also, "He can't SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE without his glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasses!" Sob.