Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Rescuers (1977)

[NOTE: This movie must have been rereleased at some point in the mid-1980s because I saw it in theaters.]

A girl is held captive in a well by crazed Australians who are using her to turn a mill, or holding her for ransom, or getting her skin ready to be turned into a coat. For some reason some mice come to rescue her. It is possible that the mice are Australians; one of them I think wears a hat. This movie is terrifying.

There's something about this scene that I like.


  1. This is the only movie on your list so far that I have both seen and remember well. The movie in this case was The Rescuers Down Under. It was a sequel to the original The Rescuers, which I've never seen.

    I'd wager you've never seen it either.

  2. No, it's definitely The Rescuers that I saw (Wikipedia would suggest that it was not a well but rather a hole, that she's not turning a mill but rather recovering a diamond, and that I saw the movie in theaters in either 1983 or 1989).

    I'm sure you're right, though, that my awareness of the sequel (which I never did see) is behind my memory's weird insistence that Australia must have factored into the plot.

  3. thers a naked girl in the backround