Monday, December 20, 2010

Ruthless People (1986)

Judge Reinhold and maybe Shelly Long kidnap Bette Midler and put her in their basement, and her husband Danny DeVito doesn't care. I want to say that Bette Midler runs into a wall with a bag over her head, but I think I'm just remembering that when the Fargo trailer came out, I thought, "This is some dumb Ruthless People rip-off!" (Stupid Coen brothers.) I think there's a scene with Judge Reinhold in a phone booth negotiating a ransom, and I want to say there's, like, a tank—but that can't be right. Danny DeVito might get pushed off a dock. One can only assume that kidnappers and hostage become good friends. Another good title for this movie might have been Stockholm Shenanigans.

DeVito's got a Costanza 'do!

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